Bon Voyage is the ninth episode of the first season.

Bon Voyage
Season 1, Episode 9
Vital statistics
Air date February 2nd, 2011
Written by Enterprisingengine93
Directed by Enterprisingengines93
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Redemption Bulldozer


When Percy becomes overwelmed with work at the harbour, Duck is called in. On one hot day, Duck states he would rather be a ship. Percy tells the story of him and Bulstrode, hoping to set him in his place. The next day, Duck is given the job of loading Goliath, a large boat. The harbour master runs after Duck with the Fireman's lunch. He tosses it to the fireman, who falls out of the cab. When the driver tries to catch him, they both tumble out. Duck then rolled off the dock and onto Goliath! Percy soon arrived to help out in the recovery. Goliath's hull split in two, and he sank to the bottom of the sea.




  • Mavis and Edward are on the same track going to different directions. Mavis couldn't have went onto the branch because a boxcar was in the way.


Enterprising Engines Bon Voyage

Enterprising Engines Bon Voyage