Buffer Bashing is the eighteenth episode of the first season. It is adapted from the Railway Series story of the same name.

Buffer Bashing
Season 1, Episode 18
Vital statistics
Air date January 14th, 2011
Written by Christopher Awdry (original)

Enterprisingengine93 (adapted)

Directed by Enterprisingengine93
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Double Whammy Scruff's Scaffolding


Donald and Douglas alternate taking a ballast train for James to take to be used in a project. One day, Donald slipped on the frost and slid into the buffers. The next day, some men we sent to repair them. Douglas then left cars for James to take. Douglas went onto the siding and sipped on the frost and crashed into the buffers, covering himself with the paint that had not dried.



  • Bill's or Ben's voice is different.
  • Scenes from this episode are seen in Conspiracy Theory.


Buffer Bashing Wooden Remake

Buffer Bashing Wooden Remake