Cannon Fodder is the twenty-third episode of the first season.

Cannon Fodder
Whammy Gunpowder Warehouse
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Season 1, Episode 23
Vital statistics
Air date March 9, 2012
Written by Enterprisingengine93
Directed by Enterprisingengine93
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After Sir Handel's and Bertram's mishaps with the gunpowder, the Thin Controller arranged a quest to find the rest of the gunpowder to not comprimise the safety of the passengers and goods. Duncan volunteered to go instead of Rusty, for which the Thin Controller is very suprised. He agrees, and the next day, Duncsn set of with the group. They found a fortress not too far from where Sir Handel and Freddie were working. After entering, they find many antiques lining the sides of the tracks. Suddenly, part of the roof falls in, causing a piece of wood to lodge itself in Duncan's funnel. He got it out, but it caused sparks to light the fuses of the loaded cannons. Up above, Freddie noticed the fire. Sir Handel disagreed, but he notice a fiery projectile coming towards him. The two evacuated. Everyone made it out O.K.. The Thin Controller realized that he could not blame Duncan for it, so he does not punish him.