Feeling Lucky? is the twelfth episode of the first season.

Feeling Lucky?
Season 1, Episode 12
Vital statistics
Air date November 30th, 2011
Written by Enterprisingengine93
Directed by Enterprisingengine93
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'Arry and Bert's managers at the Smelters' Yards signed a contract with The North Western Railway permitting 'joint ownership'. The diesels are suspicious, so they plan to show the engines their 'good side'. They found the work pleasent, and they worked in Vicarstown, near the Smelters'. Unfortunatly, they enjoyed the mischief more. Once, Bert rammed Henry's cars into the big green engine. The mischief continued, and the steam engines became mad. Weeks later, Sir Topham Hatt became happy with the diesels, and ordered a transfer table to help with their shunting. 'Arry tried the table first. Bert later decided to try the table. The table quickly switched to let Derek on. Bert fell into through. The table operator tried to stop the table from hitting Bert, but it was too late. 'Arry found this quite amusing.




  • Henry's, Gordon's and James' old models are seen.
  • Scenes from this episode are seen in Conspiracy Theory.


Enterprising Engines Feeling Lucky?

Enterprising Engines Feeling Lucky?