General Zen gets hit

General Zen gets hit by hurtling Carlos Debris.

General Zen is the iron-fisted, hot headed-miliatary tactician of the Ministry of Defense.


General Zen comes from a long line of war heroes that fought in the First and Second War World. Zen was given an outstanding miliatary education and rose through the ranks of the infantry until eventually becoming a leading general.

General Zen was dispatched to Sodor by the Ministry to oversee the construction of a new listening post as well as a the unloading of arms and explosives for a new armory. It was believed his negligent behavior caused a massive fire that distroyed the entire city and took many lives, but this was actually a ply enacted by Sir Fredrick Aura. Zen was very injured in the fire by a falling piece of shrapnel and sent to a medical center. Homever, to this day, he has vanished from public eye with no one knowing his whereabouts.

Zen was effectivily discharged from the Ministry of Defense after the fire had been extinguished.


General Zen is overbearing, dominnering, commanding, and will not accept any protocol after than his own. He will never admit when he makes a mistake even if it compromisses the lives of others. He despisses the tecnology of the past and always is searching for the hightest quality gadgets and modes of transportation. He travel with Muddle, Mayhem and Filibuster, his personal jeeps that were named by his faithful ordinate, Captain Grant.


Season 1: Shepherd's Pie (cameo).

Season 2: Munitions.