Goliath is a hevily modified crane barge who lives at Knapford Harbour.


Goliath was one of the easiers barges to work with due of his crane arm at the harbour, but his menancing glade made those who worked with him feel quite uneasy, with work seemighly like an eternity who it came to transferring loads. One day homever Duck's driver and fireman left their lunch behind when preparing to have a goods loaded on Goliath and had to have had it thrown to him, but in a astunding turn of events, both feel off the footplate, which let Duck and goods he had are taking heading for Goliath. As a result, Duck and the freight cars fell of the pier and landed on Goliath's open hull. Percy tried to teased Duck because of this, but Goliath quickly shuts him up. Homever Goliath's hull had taken an enourmeous amount of damage from the crash and thus, after Duck was rescued, Goliath spilt in the half and sink, unnable to be salvage. Due to the events, Duck gained a great posthumous respect for Goliath.


Goliath was a quiet, but very menacing barge. He didn't put up a fuss, but his menancing glare created a very uneased atmosfere, creeping out the men who worked with him. Homever Goliath did have a sense of honor, solemnly sinking in his last moments, semmeling accepting this fate. Duck even called him an example to be looked up to.


Goliath appears in two episodes of the first season. Is first appereance was in Bon Voyage and is last appeareance was in stock footage in Conspiracy Theory.