Blue mountain quarry action

Monty with Jack, Duncan, Sir Handel, Paxton and Harvey at the Blue Mountain Quarry.

Max and Monty (full names are Maximilian and Montgomery) are two devious and troublesome lorries.


Season 1: - The Old Warrior (cameo) and Double Whammy (cameo)

Season 2: - Pigeon Hunting (Monty only, cameo), Breakdown Blues (cameo), Serendipity, Scot-Free (one cameos), Mavis and the Tornado (one cameos), Rock-StarBlunderbuss (Monty only, cameo) Aura of Menace

Livery and Basis

Max and Monty are painted red with grey dumpers. The two early examples of 4-wheeled 40-ton Mack dump trucks or Euclid dump trucks.