Gordon and Henry

S. C.Ruffey with Gordon, Henry and The Fighter Jet

S. C. Ruffey is a ballast wagon.


Season 1: - Dodge (episode) (cameo), Stepney Makes an Entrance (cameo), Redemption (cameo), Bon Voyage (cameo), Bulldozer (cameo), Feeling Lucky? (cameo), Improvisation (cameo), Rising to the Occasion (cameo), Shepherd´s Pie (cameo), Scruff's Scaffolding (does not speak, he is reffered "The Old Truck"), Wilbert the Lumberjack (cameo), Sidney (episode) (cameo), Rendezvous with Disaster (cameo), Will Power (cameo), Conspiracy Theory (stock footage, cameo).

Season 2: - Rosie (episode) (cameo), Waterworks (cameo), James Goes on a Trip (cameo), Rock-Star (cameo), Mavis and the Tornado (cameo),