The first season of Enterprising Engines aired in 2011/2012. Enterprisingengine93 narrated all twenty-six episodes.


  1. Lift Bridge - Oliver tumbles off the rails at the new Tidmouth Lift Bridge.
  2. Swagger and Swerves - Daisy is rude to the branch line engines, but soon recieves her commupmence.
  3. Splatter - Gordon and Thomas play a trick on Splatter.
  4. Dodge - Dodge crashes into a water tower.
  5. Stepney Makes an Entrance - Stepney is sad to leave Sodor, but gets an unexpected surprise.
  6. Life Boats - Edward saves two boats from floating out to sea.
  7. The Old Warrior - Bertram starts to annoy the engines.
  8. Redemption - Derek proves his worth by pulling a train to the Other Railway.
  9. Bon Voyage - Percy gets annoyed when Duck daydreams about the sea.
  10. Bulldozer - Mavis accidently becomes a bulldozer when she has an accident with some rock.
  11. Search Party - Mike tries to find some lost sheep.
  12. Feeling Lucky? - Bert begins boasting to 'Arry about how lucky he is.
  13. Improvisation - Henry has another accident with the "Flying Kipper," but this is about to fix it.
  14. Rising to the Occasion - After Donald derailed, Duck has an incident of his own.
  15. Snow Blind
  16. Shepherd's Pie - Arthur volunteers himself to be the "shephard" of the yards..
  17. Double Whammy - Sir Handel discovers an old fortress from the Mid Sodor Railway days.
  18. Buffer Bashing - Donald and Douglas have incidents with buffers.
  19. Scruff's Scaffolding - Oliver is surprised to find that Scruff's name is similar to a car he pulled in half long ago.
  20. Wilbert the Lumberjack - Wilbert accidently helps some lumberjacks knock down a tree,
  21. Rendezvous with Disaster - Den nearly goes over the edge of a cliff near the Culdee Fell Railway.
  22. Will Power - Den and Dart tell James he needs "will power," but then Dart gets stranded.
  23. Cannon Fodder - Following Sir Handel's incident, Duncan has another one while investigating the railway for old fortresses.
  24. Sidney - Sidney helps the Little Western with ballast detail.
  25. Greg and Lars - Two lorries named Greg and Lars arrive and save Sir Handel from a nasty accident.
  26. Conspiracy Theory - Diesel fools Stanley into thinking steam engines will be scrapped.


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