The second season of Enterprising Engines aired in 2012. 


  1. Paxton and Norman: Two new diesels arrive, and 'Arry and Bert try to make them devious.
  2. Grim Messengers of Doom: A preservation engine is set to arrive, but things go awry when he gets lost.
  3. Breakdown Blues: Butch, after helping Rheneas, ironically, breaks down.
  4. Two Hearts Burn Together: Mighty and Mac always fight; until Mighty breaks down.
  5. Pigeon Hunting: Ivo Hugh wants to please Spitzer, and a mishap with pigeon hunting gives him is chance.
  6. Serendipity: Isobella wants to get back at Max and Monty, and their comeuppance comes soon enough.
  7. Scot-Free: Murdoch is insulted when Gordon says he can only pull goods trains, but Murdoch gets back at him when his brother arrives.
  8. Mavis and the Tornado (two parts): A tornado hits the island, and all the engines are in danger, particually Mavis..
  9. Rosie: After a failed rescue, Rosie is sent to work at the Transfer Yards, where she trys a daring rescue.
  10. Young Tucker: Molly tries to prove to the new engine, Tucker, that he is not jinxed.
  11. Waterworks: Stanley is taking off his train to explore the abandonded waterworks.
  12. Just Another Wild Goose Chase: The Skarloey Railway engines try to chase a ghost engine.
  13. James Goes on a Trip: James' fireman gets sick, and the doctor accidently sends James to Euphoria.
  14. Rock-Star (two parts): The Flying Scotsman is coming to the island, but a rockslide delays him.
  15. Pummeling Percy: Percy feels overworked and offends every engine; until the trucks put him into place.
  16. Tag-Team: Bear feels sorry for Fergus, and stages an elaborate ploy to make him feel better about himself.
  17. Munitions (four parts): After the army starts to control parts of the island, the keep fuel and munitions together, which can only end disasterously.
  18. Hibernation: Bear wants to apologize to Fergus, who is in his shed for the winter. He chance comes when he gets stuck in the snow.
  19. Blunderbuss (two parts): After the Thin Controller's friends show up at the Blue Mountain Quarry, havoc unleashes.
  20. Swan Dive: BoCo tobaggons off the Crater Lake Bridge with a fully loaded train thanks to the antics of Bill and Ben. 
  21. Luke and Millie's Blue Mountain Adventure (two parts): Millie and Luke go on an adventure in the Blue Mountain Quarry looking for King Orry's sword.
  22. Aura of Menace (three parts): D261 and D199 come to the island for revenge.
  23. Henry and Kurt (two parts): Henry has a disagreement with Kurt the deforester.
  24. All the World's a Stage (three parts)
  25. Swashbuckler
  26. Unknown


Characters introduced