Shepherd's Pie is the sixteenth episode of the first season.

Shepherd's Pie
Season 1, Episode 16
Vital statistics
Air date August 6th, 2012
Written by Enterprisingengine93
Directed by Enterprisingengines93
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Everyday, Arthur must deal with the Troublesome Trucks. They constantly grumble. Arthur sets them in their place. Murdoch states that shunting is such noisy work, but Arthur disagrees, but he says his dream work would be coastal runs. Daisy statrts to complain about blowing a fuse trying to shoo a sheep. Murdoch suggests a shepherd. The next week, Arthur decides to be the trucks' 'shepherd'. Arthur shunted James' flour cars that they flew into the air, spraying the flour everywhere.




  • When Scruff chuffs by, a diesel sound is heard.
  • After the crash, a dropped microphone sound is heard.


Enterprising Engines Shepherd's Pie

Enterprising Engines Shepherd's Pie