Splatter is the third episode of the first season.

Splatter (episode)
Season 1, Episode 3
Vital statistics
Air date April 14th, 2011
Written by Enterprisingengine93
Directed by Enterprisingengine93
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Swagger and Swerves Dodge (episode)


Splatter and Dodge are nearing the end of their trial on the North Western Railway. If the trial would go well, Sir Topham Hatt would formally except them to his fleet of engines. The diesels are troublesome, however, and are known to cause mischeif. They plan to take the engines by storm and 'emphatically', although Splatter points out they don't know what it means. Dodges says that it's still a great word. Gordon is cross and wants Splatter and Dodge to shunt his coaches and the express musn't be late. The brothers snickered, while Gordon siethed with fury. The yard had never been the same since their arrival. 

The next day, Thomas pulled into the staton and explains to Gordon that Dodge is no better. Gordon thinks the two diesels are disgraceful and wants to put them in their place. Thomas and Gordon decide to form an alliance and comment it is like the old days. Thomas whispers a plan, from 'the old days'.

Splatter is shunting Gordon's carriages, when he breaks down near the platform and couldn't move. This was accidental, but it made the plan easier. The stationmaster is very cross and orders Thomas to get Splatter out of his sight and push the coaches to the platform. Thomas shunts the diesel onto the back of Gordon's brake coach, as the plan falls in place. Splatter questions about what's going on, but Thomas just gets out of sight. The passengers get in, and Gordon backs onto the train. The guard blows his whistle, and Gordon steams off, towing Splatter, reminiscent of when Gordon did this to Thomas years back.



  • Gordon pulling Splatter is similar to when he did that to Thomas in the Railway Series Story 'Thomas and Gordon'.
  • Scenes from this episode are seen in Conspiracy Theory.


  • While Splatter is being pulled along, the camera glitches.



Enterprising Engines Splatter

Enterprising Engines Splatter