Stepney Makes an Entrance is the fifth episode of the first season.

Stepney Makes an Entrance
Season 1, Episode 5
Vital statistics
Air date Octuber 7th, 2011
Written by Enterprisingengine93
Directed by Enterprisingengines93
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Stepney's visit to the island is coming to an end. Because of this, Stepney becomes sort of depressed. He had helped on Edward Branch Line, and was leaving for the Little Western. Edward and Donald try to cheer him up, to limited avail. Stepney says that he never makes an impact on anyone  Donald agrees that Stepney needs to be in one place  Edward says that a day like today would cheer Stepney up.  

Stepney goes to the Little Western, to help Oliver and Duck. Duck and Oliver greeted him warmly. There was plenty of work to do, so the engines happily tended to their duties.

Later, Duck was busy so he asked Stepney to take a ballast train to the The Small Railway. Stepney was delighted and when the shunter fasten the coupling, he puffed down the line with a song in his firebox.

Down the line, Dock, the ballast spreader, and Donald were placing weedkiller one the tracks since there wasn;t enough ballast to go around. Dock boasts that it's a "work of art" when Stepney flies by. Donald warns Stepney to slow down, but he speeds past and loses control. His driver applied the brakes, but it was no good.

Down below the gorge, Mike and Frank's trucks were being loaded with wool. Mike complains being around sheep all day is just a waste of an afternoon. Frank replies that instead of engines, they could be automobiles and get stuck in traffic. Mike grumples that he wants something exciting to happen. 

Just then, Stepney crashes through a works shed above the gulley where Mike and Frank were surprised He falls into the gulley in front of the duo. Mike goes off to get help. Because of the accident, Stepney's visit to the island is much longer than anticipated, and so he leaves happily.




  • When Stepney chuffs past Wilbert, a horn is heard.
  • When Stepney races by Donald and Duck, the steam sound is heard abruptly.
  • After Stepney loses control, the camera shakes.
  • A small insect can be seen on Mike's face while at the Works.


Enterprising Engines Stepney Makes an Entrance

Enterprising Engines Stepney Makes an Entrance