Will Power is the twenty-second episode of the first season.

Will Power
Season 1, Episode 22
Vital statistics
Air date February 2nd, 2012
Written by Enterprisingengine93
Directed by Enterprisingengine93
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Rendezvous with Disaster Cannon Fodder


A sheet of snow has covered the island. Dart the diesel's engine started to groan. He came to a halt on the bridge between freezing winds while his driver went for help. James, on the other hand, is grumbly. He had to wake up early to move cars. He was shocked to find Dart and Den had not yet started work. The two diesels tease James about being cold, although they are the coldest. Once Dart had shunted the cars, James furiously chuffed away with them. The diesels were cold, but they worked hard. Later, Henry arrived to collect a train. Henry's fire started to act up. Dart had to take his train the next day. Unfortunately, Dart got stranded in the snow. To his suprise, the rescue engine was James. Dart then realized it is best to keep his jest away from James.



  • Den corrects Dart in this episode.
  • Two sets of twins have only a single sibling appear or be mentioned; Splatter and Donald. As well, Bert may not have appeared.
  • Scenes from this episode are seen in Conspiracy Theory.


Enterprising Engines Will Power

Enterprising Engines Will Power