Young Tucker is a red tank engine.
Young Tucker

Young Tucker in a nasty accident with George!

Basis and Livery

Young Tucker is a red Furness Railway Parker J1 2-4-2T with 13 painted on his side.


Season 2: Mavis and the Tornado (cameo), Rosie (cameoRock-Star (cameo), Munitions (cameo)

He will appear some other time in Season 2, where he will have a nasty accident with George.


  • Young Tucker never had a Wooden Railway model, as he is an original character. In the series, his model is Thomas' painted red, which was painted by the Youtube user Tuckinator15
  • Young Tucker was originally thought to be called Albert, a character that first appeared in the Railway Series book "Thomas and Victoria." Yet, it has been revealed by Enterprisingengine93 that, in fact, his name is in fact Young Tucker.